Got Gifts This Year???

Wishing each and every one of you a Merry Christmas filled with warmth and love!!!

I was reminded during quiet time this morning that we have a purpose here on this earth other than keeping the mousepad and keyboard warm.  Jesus told us many things but only gave us one commandment.  He told us to love the Lord God with all our heart, soul, and mind, and to love our neighbor as our self. 

Jesus showed us the way to love.  He didn’t show a half-love, or a tough love, He loved all unconditionally.  Jesus didn’t look at what people did, He looked at what their heart attitudes were.  He never condemned anyone for their sins, He forgave them.  The exception being with the Pharisees who committed the sin of rejecting Him.  While none of us reject Jesus the way we might reject the opportunity to jump off the Empire State Building in pink shorts, how many of us have rejected this command He gave?  

 Oh, we might be serving the Lord by our faithful attendance in church, adhering to the ten commandments in life, or by studying God’s Word, even becoming somewhat of a Theologian able to hold our ground in a biblical discussion.  But wait, those were the things the Pharisees did.  Hmmm.

 Studying our Bible and having faithful church attendance isn’t wrong, but it’s not what Jesus told us to do.  He specifically gave each and everyone of us the task of preaching the gospel to everyone everywhere, making disciples. 

As we embrace the holiday season and this new year with warm fuzzies, thinking of the gifts we have given and received, we should remember to love the Lord with all our hearts, while loving others in an unconditional way, carrying the gospel message to others everywhere in all that we do.  In the end, this is all that will matter!

 Love you guys!

~ Karen